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Application Forms


Adult Membership Non PC Application/Renewal form. Plus rules
As of 1/7/16 there is a new Adult age grouping.
** (Old form to be replaced)
2017-affiliation-renewal-application-form-2016-2017a.pdf View Download
AFFILIATION FORM TO REGISTER EVENTS-Schedules to be attached. Must be in by Exec meet in Nov. Late applications will be returned.
Used for registrations of ODE-Dressage-Show Jumping-Gymkhana-Hacking- Camp drafting and Open Shows.
MUST be accompanied with draft schedule
2017-affiliation-form.pdf View Download
ESA Adult riders in PCASA Application & Rules with Schedule of fees
New for ODE'S for ESA riders over 26yrs. From 1/7/2016
** (Old form to be replaced)
2017-esa-adult-adult-paticipation-renewal-application-form-2016-2017a.pdf View Download
Eventing Medical Armband Insert (blank)
Medical Armbands are required in the Cross Country phase of Eventing.
This insert is for printing and completing as required.
medical-armband-insert.pdf View Download
PCASA Application form - for dispensation (State ODE Champs)
For non-qualified combinations to compete at State ODE Championships
pcasa-dispensation-form.pdf View Download
PCASA Application form - for Insurance Claim
Claim forms from Gow-Gates Insurance Brokers for PCASA
pca-sa-pa-claim-form-member-2-.pdf View Download
PCASA Application form - for Pony Club Attendance/Performance Card (NEW FORM changed)
New form and to be used as from 15/11/18.
Old forms used after this date will be returned.
All applications not correctly completed with information and signatures will be returned for corrections.
card-application.2018.2019.pdf View Download
PCASA Application form - to Transfer from Club to Club
Transfer form. 2016/2017
2017-application-to-transfer.pdf View Download
PCASA application form - to use Mounted Games trailer mounted-games-trailer-hire-170401.pdf View Download
PCASA Declaration form - Day Liability pcasa-declaration-form-day-liability.pdf View Download
PCASA Remittance form - Day Participation day-attend-non-members-remittance-form-3-.pdf View Download
PCASA Waiver form - Day Participation pcasa-waiver-day-participation.pdf View Download
PCASA Waiver form - Day Rally
New document as of 1/7/18
pcasa-waiver-day-rally.pdf View Download
PCASA Waiver Form - EA riders at PC comp and training days
See web page for application form and waiver
pcasa-waiver-form-ea-riders-at-pc-events.pdf View Download
PCASA Waiver form - Participation at open shows.
Open shows. Cost of $100 to PCASA when applying for open shows.
** Old form to be replaced
pcasa-waiver-open-show-participant-form.pdf View Download
Pony Club Stewards procedure
This document show the correct procedure for clubs who are running an event and need a PC steward
pony-clu-steward-allocations.pdf View Download