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Abuse of Horse or Pony pcasa-policy-abuse-of-horse-or-pony.pdf View Download
Alcohol & Anti Doping Policy pcasa-policy-alcohol-anti-doping.pdf View Download
Codes of Behaviour Policy
Codes of behaviour for riders, parents, administrators, officials, instructors/coaches
pcasa-policy-codes-of-behaviour.pdf View Download
Disciplinary Matters pcasa-policy-disciplinary-matters.pdf View Download
Emergency Procedure Policy & Fall of Rider Protocol pcasa-policy-emergency-procedure-fall-of-rider.pdf View Download
General Club Safety Policy pcasa-policy-general-club-safety-code-of-practice.pdf View Download
Grievance Policy pcasa-policy-grievance-complaint.pdf View Download
Hot Weather Policy pcasa-policy-hot-or-extreme-weather.pdf View Download
Instruction Policy pcasa-policy-instruction.pdf View Download
Led Riders Policy pcasa-policy-led-riders.pdf View Download
Lungeing Policy pcasa-policy-lunging.pdf View Download
Member Protection - Smoke Free - Sunsmart Policies pcasa-policy-member-protection-smoke-free.pdf View Download
PCASA - Club Audit form pcasa-audit-list-2018.pdf View Download
Pony Club Australia Anti Drug Policy pca-anti-doping-policy.pdf View Download
Volunteer Induction Paperwork pcasa-volunteer-management-paperwork-2-.pdf View Download
Volunteer Management Policy pcasa-policy-volunteer-management.pdf View Download