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Program Templates

Templates for the most commonly held activities, a Word version can be obtained from PCASA secretary - the Word doc is then changed where/as highlighted. These are designed to allow clubs to make changes to activities but they also have all the information to ensure they comply with current guidelines.

Clinics template-clinic.pdf View Download
ODE - with or without Combined Training or SuperCross
template-ode-supercross-ode-with-combined-training-comp.pdf View Download
Gymkhana / Hack Show
Gymkhana - Hack Shows
template-hack-show-gymkhana.pdf View Download
Open Rallies
Rallies open to all with guest instructor or paid activity.
template-open-rally-with-instructor.pdf View Download
Various Day events
Dressage - Show Jumping - Combined Training etc
template-dressage-show-jumping-day-or-combined-comp.pdf View Download