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Risk Management

Risk management involves minimising risks facing the Association, affiliated clubs and their members (collectively referred to as the Pony Club), whether appearing in the form of financial loss or physical injury or damage or abuse. It includes a number of steps summarised as follows: Identifying risks which threaten the wellbeing of Pony Club; Assessing the importance of those risks and the consequences to Pony Club if they are ignored. The focus generally is on safety issues and minimising potential litigation; Designing a process to eliminate or minimise those risks; Documenting these steps in a Risk Assessment; Taking all possible steps to comply with that process; and Constantly reviewing the process so that it can be improved and grow to suit the needs of Pony Club; Risk managment is an ongoing process to be continually reviewed and updated at all levels. Documentation of this process is an integral part of the process and should be kept on file for future reference at all levels. Clubs must complete a risk assessment for each pony club activity and event, if you require help putting together a risk assesment contact the office for some examples that can be used as a starting point to help clubs develop their own documents and templates.


2016 Hendra Virus Report
Hendra virus EquiVac vaccine and its use by veterinary surgeons in Queensland.
2016-hendra-virus-equivac-vaccine-and-its-use-by-veterinary-surgeons-in-queensland.pdf View Download
pcasa-acknowledgement.pdf View Download
Coronavirus coronavirus.pdf View Download
Falls form
Falls form to be filled in for all falls of a rider.
check-list-and-clearance-to-ride-1-1-2018.pdf View Download
Hendra Vaccination Advice Document hendra-vaccination-advice-document.pdf View Download
PCA Incident report a4-size-pca-incident-report-poster-with-qr-code-1.pdf View Download
PCA Incident report
Scan QR code and it will take you to the report form
a4-size-pca-incident-report-poster-with-qr-code-1(2).pdf View Download
PCASA - Club Audit form pcasa-audit-list-2018.pdf View Download
PCASA Risk Management Policy
PCASA Risk Management Policy
pcasa_-risk-management-policy_2020-v1-signed-2021.pdf View Download
PCASA work Health & Safety Policy
PCASA work Health & Safety Policy
pcasa_health-and-safety-policy_2020-v1-signed-2021.pdf View Download
PCASA- Pony Club Rallies and Events Tool Box.
Pony Club Tool Box.
pcasa_rally_event_toolbox.pdf View Download
PCASA- Rally inspection checklist - Clubrooms.
pcasa_rally-inspection-checklist_clubrooms.pdf View Download
PCASA-Contractors induction checklist
pcasa_contractors-induction-checklist_2013.pdf View Download
PCASA-Guidelines for event radio system
pcasa_radio_2013.pdf View Download
PCASA-Hazard management policy
pcasa_-hazard-management-policy_2013.pdf View Download
PCASA-induction example
pcasa_-induction-example_2013.pdf View Download
PCASA-Inspection sheets for grounds with Stables and Yards.
Inspection sheets.
pca-sa_-inspection-checklist-for-grounds-with-stable-yards_2013.pdf View Download
PCASA-Risk assessment manual handling
pcasa document
pcasa_risk-assessment-manual-handling_2013.pdf View Download
PCASA-Work health and safety and what it means for PCASA Volunteers
pcasa_volunteer-resource-kit_intro.pdf View Download
PCASA-Work request hazard form
pcasa_works-request-hazard-report-_2013.pdf View Download
Welfare of horses Protocols pocket edition
Horse welfare, Health and well being
horse-welfare-pocket-guide-for-clubs.pdf View Download
Welfare Officers for Horses
Horse welfare officers
horse-welfare-officer-pp2.pdf View Download
Working Bees
pcasa_working bees
pcasa_working-bee.pdf View Download