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Rule Book

2022 PCASA Rule Book with Falls Checklist
Compressed PDF file approx 1MB
Full book for those wanting to print complete file.
Hyperlinks inindex for easy access
2022-pcasa-rule-book.pdf View Download
Appendix A for 2022 PCASA Rule Book
Appendix A - PCA Medical Guidelines
appendix-a-pca-medical-guidelines.pdf View Download
Appendix B - PCASA 2022 Gear & Saddlery Rules
PCASA Gear & Saddlery Rules - effective 1/1/2022 to 30/6/2022
appendix-b-pcasa-saddlery-gear.pdf View Download
Check list following a fall
New Document
4.-falls-check-list-and-clearance-to-ride-1-6-2017.pdf View Download
EA approved bits.
EA bits - these are approved bits as at March 2019, if a list is put out for 2020 this file will be revised
ea-bits-version-18-mar-2019_vers2_3-6.pdf View Download
Helmet Tags - order form and information. | updated Dec 2022
helmet-tags-2022..pdf View Download
PCASA Novelties rule book
Rules for individual novelties
pcasa-individual-novelty-rules-july-2022.pdf View Download
Rule Book. O - Pony Rides as a Fundraiser Pg 117 14.-pony-rides-as-a-fundraiser-pg-117.pdf View Download