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State Championships & Gymkhana

1.1 Preliminary (effective 1.1.23) 1jan2023-1.1.pdf View Download
2.1 Novice (Effective 1/1/2023) 1jan2023-2.1_0.pdf View Download
3.1 Elementary (Effective 1/1/2023) 1jan2023-3.1_0.pdf View Download
4.1 Medium (Effective 1/1/2023) 1jan2023-4.1.pdf View Download
Ease of Handling Course 2 ease-of-handling-2.pdf View Download
Ease of Handling (Working Equitation) Score Sheet working-equitation-course-score-sheet-v2.pdf View Download
How to run State Championships & State Gymkhana
Guidelines for zones running the State Championships & State Gymkhana on the same weekend
how-to-run-pcasa-state-championships-gymkhana-01062023-.pdf View Download
Mounted Games
2024 Mounted Games are groups 5 & 6 - please download the PCA handbook from following link for instructions on how to play these the games that can be found in the attached file
2024-pcasa-state-championship-mounted-games.pdf View Download
Mounted Games -- Bank Race
Details of how to run Bank Race
bank-race.pdf View Download
State Championships dressage tests and mounted games 2024 2024-championship-dressage-tests-etc.pdf View Download
Team on the Flat Test 2
2024 Test 2 & Diagrams
team-of-four-test-2-diagrams_5-7.pdf View Download